Tom is represented by Art Design Consultants in Cincinnati, OH, 513.723.1222, Contact Litsa Spanos, or Elizabeth Meyer, for more information.

Tom's work is also available through Blink Art Resource,

Tom's paintings can also be found at Greenwich House Gallery located in O'Bryonville, OH, 45208. 513-871-8787,

Tom is a member of OPUS, an invitational collective for artists, created and managed by Jen Tough Gallery in Benicia, CA,

If you are interested in any of the work on this site, please contact Tom directly via the contact page. He is always happy to talk with anyone about his work or process. Feeling a little shy? Then reach out to any of the folks above. 

Below: Nothing Like a Little Delicious, Gaining Ground on Spring Street, My Corner of the Sky, and Her Little Big Life in Red were exhibited in 2017 at ArtExpo New York.

ArtExpo NewYork Insitu Ad.jpg