Photo: Elizabeth Meyer

Photo: Elizabeth Meyer

About my Work

“I started my career teaching high school psychology and religion and quickly learned the students’ real education was happening in the hallway, not my classroom. It was moving between classes, where my students experienced the joys and hurts that shaped belief systems and created the lens through which our classroom content was understood and acted upon. Usually, I could only see and touch the edges of their development. Even though I left teaching in 1990, I think that learning process is still very much what life is like, be it home, office, or in the public square. We experience internal, personal, or national conversations all the time that spill into each of our present moments, shaping our interactions and social landscapes. Sometimes we see only the edges in the present.  I strive to show that dynamic in my current work. Each of us is always, simultaneously, in the hallway and in the classroom."


"I have been making art all of my life. Growing up I had an endless supply of paper, pencils, and paints always at the ready on a small card table in the corner of the living room. In high school, I took over a part of the family garage as my studio.  My father could build anything and my mother was a talented seamstress and artist.  From them I learned that if something doesn’t work, you keep trying and learning. Seriously, what great parents!

What does this have to do with my art? I embrace a “discipline of accident,” using whatever happens on the canvas in my process. Making marks and forms I create intuitive, layered abstracts, collaging dried paint that I peel and scrape from old palettes, onto my paintings to reflect emotions and experiences that are often rooted in memory and place.”

After a 2017 studio visit, Raphaela Platow, Director and Chief Curator of the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Arts in Cincinnati, OH, commented, “I love that Tom is not afraid to embrace and use color; his paintings are so hopeful.” Tom’s work has been shown in several US cities including New York, Miami, Santa Fe, Cincinnati, and in the San Francisco Bay Area; it is in private and corporate collections across the US. He holds a B.S. in English literature and a M.A. in psychology both of which inform his art making.

Tom and his husband live in their Victorian home in Northern Kentucky across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, OH with Mavis, a Norwich Terrier and Blanche, a rescued West Highland White Terrier. He’s happy to hear from anyone who would like to know more about his work.



46th Annual Winter Juried Show Honorable Mention Award Duxbury Art Association Art Complex Museum Duxbury, MA

Artfields, Juried Exhibition of artists from the Southeast United States     Lake City, SC Artist Interview

Art Santa Fe, with OPUS Art Collective managed by Jen Tough Gallery, International Group Exhibition    Santa Fe, NM 


"Art Comes Alive," International Juried Group Exhibition (exhibiting since 2012)     ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati OH

"After Dark," Juried Group Exhibition   Arts Benicia, Benicia CA  

Blink Art Invitational Group Showcase Exhibition     ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati OH

Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais Nouveau Label Competition, Finalist

Art Santa Fe, with OPUS Art Collective managed by Jen Tough Gallery, International Group Exhibition    Santa Fe, NM 


"Guilty Pleasures," Juried Group Exhibition     Jen Tough Gallery, Vallejo, CA     

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series    Regional Semi-finalist and Online winner

Blink Art / ADC 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Invitational Group Exhibition     ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati OH

ArtExpo New York, International Group Exhibition     New York City NY

"Contemporaries," Invitational Group Exhibition     Greenwich House Galley, Cincinnati OH


Honorable Mention Award, "Pastel 100", International Juried Competition,     Pastel Journal

"Black and White," Juried Group Exhibition     Pop Revolution Gallery, Mason, OH


SPECTRUM Miami, International Group Exhibition     Miami FL

Abstract Artist of the Year Award, "Art Comes Alive" International Juried Exhibition     ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati OH


Honorable Mention Award, International Juried Exhibition      World Wide Art, Los Angeles CA


Finalist, 30th Annual Art Competition      The Artist's Magazine

PARADE, Juried Group Exhibition      Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center, Covington KY


Solo Exhibition     University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH

SOS ART 08, Group Exhibition     Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH


"Visions IX," International Juried Exhibition     The Cathedral Gallery, Covington KY


Solo Exhibition     The Cathedral Gallery, Covington KY


“Figures,” Juried Group Exhibition     Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center, Covington KY


Juried Group Exhibition     The Cinergy Foundation, Cincinnati OH


The Big Pig Gig      ARTWORKS public art project, Cincinnati OH